Designing with Microcomputers -- The 68HC12

The textbook can be read directly on the CD, copied to your computer for reading, or copied using an installer on a Microsoft Windows PC. Supplied in standard HTML, the text can be read using any commonly available browser on Windows (any version), Linux, Mac OS, or Sun Solaris.

Table of Contents

  1. Microcontroller Overview
  2. Binary Number Representation
  3. The Central Processing Unit (CPU)
  4. Development Tools
  5. 68HC12 Instruction Set Overview
  6. Load, Store and Move Instructions
  7. Arithmetic Instructions
  8. Branching and Iteration
  9. Using Tables and Arrays
  10. Decision Trees and Logic Instructions
  11. The Stack and Subroutines
  12. Input/Output Overview
    • Electrical Characteristics
  13. Parallel I/O Ports
  14. System Clocks
  15. Interrupts, Traps, and Resets
  16. External Interrupts
  17. The RTI and COP interrupts
    • Implementing State Machines in Software
  18. The Timer Module
  19. The Analog to Digital Converter
  20. EEPROM Memory and Internal Resource Mapping
  21. External Memory/Peripheral Interfacing
  22. Serial Communications Interface
  23. Serial Peripheral Interface
  24. Scaled Arithmetic
  25. Floating Point Arithmetic
  26. Fuzzy Logic


  1. Assembler Program Template
  2. Multiple Processes
  3. Putting an Application in EEPROM


Overall there are 72000+ words, 130 figures, 15 sample programs and lots of small code examples within the text. There is a full index plus cross references in the text and links to Freescale documentation. While there is capability to run the sample programs directly from the text, this does not work with most recent browsers (the 68HCS12 simulator solves the problem, which is related to security measures).

The textbook is an older version of the 68HCS12 textbook. It does not have the appendix chapters which use the 68HCS12 DRAGON12 board nor the chapters which were specific to the 68HCS12.

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