68HC12/68HCS12 Textbooks and Simulators - Downloads and Links
Designing with Microcomputers -- The 68HCS12 and 68HC12


FREE FROM THE TEXTBOOK-- Alarm Clock Example. This is a fully functional alarm clock program for the DRAGON12/Dragon12-Plus boards provided free of charge. This C language example program was added to the textbook and CD in 2006, but can be obtained here for early purchasers and the curious.

Download the free, original 68HC12 Simulator here.

FREE Java application that converts between data representations. Use this with or without the textbook. I wrote it for my convenience for class and on the job. Download from the link or just run it on this page:


I'm using the Dragon12-Plus development board from Wytec in the classes I teach. This is a well featured 68HCS12 board at a very attractive price.

Eric Engler had free IDEs for assembler language and C-based projects (using GCC) at his web site. However I have received word that he passed away last year. He also hosted the free HC12 assembler that I (as well as many others) have worked on in the past. For that reason, I've made these programs available for download here:

Freescale Semiconductor documentation for the MC9S12DP256B is here.


Questions? Problems? Comments?Contact me at support4@hcs12text.com