Designing with Microcomputers -- The 68HCS12

The sections (book chapters) of the text are intended to be covered in sequence. There are many cross reference links, as well as references to the Freescale Semiconductor Documentation, which is included for your convenience on the CD.

View a video demonstration (requires Quicktime) at 1024x768 resolution by clicking here.

Sample programs in the text can be executed on the simulator from the browser by clicking on the link. Note however that this requires the browser allows running Java Applets, a capability that is disappearing. But the sample programs can still be run on the simulator, stand-alone. There is also a separate index of sample programs with links to the discriptions in the text, the source code, and the simulator.

running the simulator from the text browser

A fast text search function provides an index to the text.

built-in search engine

Each section has a link to study questions and/or projects. Some of the questions have answers provided via another link.

Questions and Answers

In addition, there is an index of CPU instructions which makes a handy reference; examples are given for all the CPU instructions and addressing modes.

instruction index in text

Code provided on the CD includes a floating point subroutine package implementing a subset of IEEE short (32-bit) floating point, with add, subtract, multiply, divide, negate, compare, test, fix (to 32 bit signed integer) and float (from 32 bit signed integer) instructions. There are also routines for using the IIC, SPI, SCI, parallel ports, PWM, ECT (counter/timer), ATD, and other features. And a new section on software interfacing to Harris 1-Wire components using a single port pin. There are example programs using the 7-segment LED display, LCD display, and 12 key pad on the Dragon12-Plus board, all interrupt driven.

Overall there are 109,000+ words, 223 figures, 23 sample programs, 256 study questions (32 with answers), 47 projects. There are plenty of small code examples, primarily in assembler but some also in C, within the text (2500+ lines worth!).

The book is provided on the CD in PDF format as well, to allow easy printing of segments. In PDF format, the book is 434 8.5"x11" pages.